Anos atrás, em Karachi

Achei uma review que fiz no Tá curioso, lê aê. Mal pelo Ingrish.
Pros preguiçosos… Colo aqui, fazer o quê…

“I reached Karachi at 2am and my next flight to Peshawar would only leave at 1pm. After immigration office (they were really nice to me, single female travelling alone) and picking up my bags and taking to x-ray I finally left to the main lobby to pick my ticket to Peshawar.Then I tried to kill some time. I mean LOADS of time.There are many many flights arriving late night from abroad. That means the airport was really crowded and noisy at 3am. Since I was the only female looking like foreigner everyone was staring and commenting about me.I took a seat near Emirates office where there were 2 policemen and tried to sleep while holding my luggages. IMPOSSIBLE. There were lots of people, it was noisy and everytime I was close to take a nap… A single guy would sit next to me and try to chat. What a nightmare it was. I had to pretend I did not know any English at all and just spoke Portuguese all time (I’m Brazilian). But it did not work.Knowing that sleeping would be impossible, I started to write about my trip. Awake I could notice some entire families sleeping on the floor. They had loads of things!!! I felt safer because if there was an entire family sleeping, I would be ok.To kill more time I decided to check my ticket to Peshawar and realized they issued with wrong name. Woohoo, I was never so happy for a mistake! That would kill at least one hour (you know Pakistani burocracy). And it really took me one hour! But the people from PIA were extremelly friendly and knowing I was alone and my flight would take some time they invited me to stay inside the office. They gave me tea, water and were really amazing with me. I love PIA!One of the employes told me I could enter on check in area at 6am. So I went. Said bye bye to the really nice PIA employes and went to check in area all happy. BUT the security on the door did not let me go. He said I could only enter at 9am. Oh &@&!!!!!I really needed to pee (well, since 3am I was feeling I had to pee). There were no place I could leave my suitcases. I would not dare to enter those creepy bathrooms outside check-in area with my suitcases. So… I had to wait!!! I crossed my legs and tried to think about something else.Those 3 hours were like an eternity. I watched some funny videos on the Airport TV. And Tom & Jerry. But everytime I looked to my watch… It seemed that time was moving backwards, oh hell.When it was 8h55am I walked towards check-in area but the security said “you can only go inside after 5 minutes!”. Oh &@!!!! Then I waited in front of him and when the 5 minutes passed… I went inside!!! Wooohooo!!But yet I could not leave my suitcases alone. I had to wait the check in counter to open. Only at 11am. Ouch. Ok… What would be 2 more hours to someone who waited 7?I sat, crossed my leg and finally took a nap with all my suitcases. Sweet. Woke up when check-in counter opened and I finally had my boarding ticket. I was on my way to pee, I could not believe it!But then security, checking hand luggage x ray and other burocracy (I don’t know how many times they stamped my boarding pass), after meeting some fat cockroaches who also seems really fond of airplanes… I finally went my way to the bathroom!And it was clean. Better? There was a western toilet, not only the holes in the ground. Maaaan… That was great! I also noticed I was thristy. I know that Lonely Planet tells us to only drink water from bottles. But I was thirsty, who cares??? I had a very delicious and freshing water from Karachi airport taps and no digestive problems afterwards. Bravo!Then I washed my face, removed make up, put new make up and felt cleaner. Yay! I must say that my experience was a bit bad, but I did not lose my good mood in any moment. So I would do it again, why not? ;)” Added 31 Dec 06